What It Is Not

Not A Novel

The Holy Book of Mormon was not a novel created by Joseph Smith; he always used a scribe. The Book is a work of revelation that was dictated through a Seer Stone.

Not Mormon Doctrine

It does not contain peculiar Mormon doctrines like baptizing children, giving communion to the unbaptized, polygamy for exaltation, twelve apostles, man appointed “prophets,” the Word of Wisdom, temple covenants, tithing, or priesthoods (after Jesus).

The 5 Errors of Mormonism

The Five Errors of Mormonism by Arlin E. Nusbaum

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An Address to All Believers in The Book of Mormon, 1887

Address to Believers in The Book of Mormon by Book of Mormon Witness David Whitmer, 1887
FREE – PDF – 8 pages

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Whitmer College Website

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